Running Water is band started around, oh, 1996. It was the idea of Mike Barzilay--that is, we started the band together, but he was the one who wanted to get together and play some music. I didn't think it would go anywhere...after all, I thought I was a real serious songwriter, and I could do my own singing, and I was just looking around for a talented instrumentalist to accompany me... not another singer who wrote songs. So I didn't take it seriously.

...and that lasted about twenty minutes into our first meeting. I was just "fooling around"--I thought--and so instead of focusing on making Incredible Art, I just wrote the song, with Mike. And it was, by far, the best song I'd written to date--"Going Under". Mike's talent, his hard work, his enthusiasm, his good looks, his famed oral sex skills, and the things he taught me--transformed me completely as a musician. The day I was stupid enough to break up that band was...well, a really stupid day. Mike and I wrote songs so smoothly that we go back to our old songs, know that we wrote them together, and truly can't remember who created what parts.

Mike is living on the West Coast now, with a wife and family, and he's happy, and I am here in New Jersey, with the ol' name. I've been performing on my own for many, many years now--though Running Water's just become a duo again, with the addition of the lovely Megan M. But she's in Ireland this semester...

For now, this website has two things to offer you: my email address, if you want to get in touch... and a few of my songs, crudely recorded on a small home setup. Enjoy! Enjoy!